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What is your turn-around time?

Turn-around times fluctuate depending on what is in line for processing at the time of Drop Off, but often can take about a week if a specific deadline is not mentioned. Email to make sure your deadlines can be met in advance.

Can I have my scan returned faster?

If you are in a time crunch I do offer 24hour Rush Services for an added fee of 50% of the scan total *(as long as the quantity is under 5 pieces).

Under extenuating circumstances I may be able to provide SameDay Rush Services for an added fee of 75% of the scan total. Please contact for SameDay requests before scheduling your Drop Off Appointment.

Do you scan off-site?

If there is sufficient room for me to properly set up the lighting and photography equipment, you can potentially request Off-Site Scanning. These requests are charged as SameDay Rush scans at an added 75% surcharge of the scan total. The area of space needed will depend greatly on the overall size of the piece. Please contact if you would like to know more about this option.

Can you scan through glass?

Using indirect lighting angles and polarization filters I can cut out any reflections to avoid removing artwork from frames. If you would prefer to have the artwork scanned outside of the frame you will have to remove it prior to Drop Off.

How will Gold/Silver scan?

Thanks to special polarization filters, I can either block out glare from a shiny surface or open up the lens to reflection and see metallics as our own eyes do. With 10+ years experience scanning artwork, I have found a few lighting tricks to scan paintings that are both varnished and/or metallic.

How high of resolution can you scan?

The resolution (DPI) will vary but I generally provide files over 200 mega pixels. For reference, most scans can print 6ft long at recommended resolutions. If higher resolutions are needed I am capable of providing that, however extreme enlargements may come at an additional cost, as more work would be involved.

In what format will I recieve my files?

3 preformatted versions:

1. Archive/TIFF/16bit/Hi-Res/Non-Compressed

2. Print/JPG/8bit/Hi-Res/Compressed

3. Preview/JPG/sRGB/Lo-Res

Can you edit something out of the file?

I sure can! For simple edits like removing a signature I can include with the scan, but for more time intensive requests I offer Photo Edit rates of $25/hr. If you let me know what all you would like to have done I can give you a time estimate before drafting an invoice.

Can you change the color something in my scan?

Yes, but that would be classified as a Photo Edit Request ($25/hr). Edits can be made at clients requests via email, with multiple rounds (if needed) of file adjustment comparisons until client is satisfied with end file. Most adjustments can be managed within 1 hour.

Why do I need to schedule an appointment?

Since this is a one-woman show I have to schedule my time wisely. Advance scheduling will help insure I stay close to my original time estimates given at the time of Drop Off.

Can I ship you my original artwork to scan?

Yes! Clients that take on the cost of shipping to-&-fro will receive an automatic 15% discount. Artwork is returned using the same method and packaging whenever possible. Clients will be invoiced for the return cost once tracking is established.

Print Info

What is your turn-around time?

Much like scanning, turn-around times fluctuate depending on what is in line for processing at the time requested, but most orders can be completed within a few days as long as the needed material is in stock. Always email to make sure your deadlines can be met in advance.

What file formats can you print?

Any file format can be uploaded to your Print Request Form. You will be contacted should there be any issue printing from your provided file.

Can you print on materials not listed?

Only Epson provided materials since ICC profiles are preloaded to the Epson P9570 Printer. Specialty sheet paper can be requested however custom pricing would apply.

Do you offer Volume Discounts?

Yep! Quantities that add up can give you various discounts:

Over 2000sq" = 10% off

Over 4000sq" = 15% off

Over 8000sq" = 20% off

Over 12000sq" = 25% off

Over 16000sq" = 30% off

Skip the math and download a custom calculator to see your discount automatically

What printer do you use?

Epson SureColor P9570 - 44" roll, Large Format Printer which captures every detail with unparalleled color, brilliance and accuracy.

Can I add or edit something on my Repeat Order Request?

In order to qualify for your 10% discount the order must use the same exact print files as before. This saves time and server space. Only omissions are allowed.

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