Price dependent on size of art and time frame needed

XS maximum 11"x7" | S maximum 11"x15"

Please contact for any artwork over 10ft

  • Slides & Negatives $5/file

    $4/file for 15-59

    $3/file for 60-120

    $2/file for over 120

    Files provided at 4800dpi

    Print as large as 60"

    Larger Transparency Scans Available at additional cost

  • Photo Feed Scanning $12/file

    20% off for 12+

    40% off for 50+

    60% off for 100+

    Files provided at 1200dpi

    Enlarge Prints 6x Original Size

    Flat Mediums Only


  • Flatbed Scans $35/file

    Glass Top Surface Scanning

    For Delicate Photos, Documents or flat artwork mediums

    20% off for 10+

    Surface Accommodates Artwork smaller than 11"x15"

  • Hi-Res Photography

    $55 originals under 36"

    $75 originals under 60"

    $105 originals under 90"

    $125 originals under 120"

    (20% off quantities 10+)

    All files will be a minimum of 200MP to comfortably enlarge prints 60"

New to Scanning?

Step 1

Book a Drop Off time that fits with your schedule. Each appointment window is 30 minutes to allow time for unexpected traffic. Please enter the quantity and size of your artwork in the comments section. You will received a confirmation email with options to Cancel or Reschedule your appointment.

Step 2

A completed Artwork Release Form will be required at the time of your first appointment. Once artwork is in hand, I can take exact measurements and write up an invoice that will be sent to your email to collect payment online.

Step 3

Once your scans have been processed you will receive an email from WeTransfer containing a link to download your files, as well as an emailed prompt to schedule your Pick Up Appointment.

Book Drop Off